Doggie Day School on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday call to schedule today.

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What makes me different


I don't do large classes. I focus on behavior and teach how to use obedience commands to control and change behavior. I put you in control of your dog. Build your confidence by teaching you about body language and how to handle the leash like a professional. I explain why your dog is acting or showing a particular behavior. Having 16 years experience rehabilitating over 500 dogs with serious behavior issues gives me an inside look that other trainers don't have. I know the steps it takes to make an uncontrolled dog a pet.

New Book available


This book was written after a car accident left me unable to physically handle dogs for several months. During my recovery I had a friend ask me for help with her new puppy. I told her I couldn't help due to my injuries. She told me " yes you can, just put in writing what I need to know." That simple statement help to motivate me to start writing down all the tips and things I tell my clients. One of the things I came to realize is there is so much equipment out there for people to use to train their dog but most don't come with instructions. This book covers the equipment plus how to use it and which types of dog's respond best with each product. 

Doggie Day School


Now offering Doggie Day School Tuesday through Friday from 830am to 530pm. 

Cater to your dogs breed traits and behavior.

Get actual results faster. Imagine a difference in four days versus four to seven weeks.

Less stress on you physically and emotionally.

Private lesson at end of every day.

Pick up and delivery can be arranged for additional fee.

Questions about behavior


If you have a question about your dogs behavior please email me and I will discuss it with you. Your question may help someone else. I am here to help.

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Currently I provide private lessons at my shop or your home. 

We are starting obedience classes for dogs who don't do well in big classes. Only four dogs to a class. Call to schedule your class.

Now offering a Leash Handling class which covers several behavior specific issues such as jumping on people, biting leash and how to handle the leash when loose dog approaches. Classes are on Saturdays and we only have  three dogs to a class for more efficiency. My goal is to make you confident in how to handle your dog in a multitude of situations.

Adoptable dogs

Currently I am rehabilitating several dogs from our local shelter. I will post there pics and bios as they become available for adoption.

Doggie Day School

Day school for dogs is where you can drop your dog off in the morning and I train them all day in basic obedience and work on behavior issues. When you pick them up I work with you and your dog to ensure you can follow through at home. Days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hours are 8:30am -5:30pm but you can schedule to pick up after 2pm.

New shop now open

New doggie day school and private lessons at our new location.

5164 S Florida Ave unit 205

Inverness, Fl 34450